Hi there!

We are Henry and Sebastian.  Many years ago, we sat in the same cubicle working for the same giant corporation, and since that first day of work, we have had the entrepreneurship bug pestering us for years.

We have been involved in various ventures together including real estate, e-commerce, oil and gas service companies, and more.  We are no longer working for that giant corporation, but our desire to create our own living through entrepreneurship is stronger than ever.

We have always been on the hunt for opportunities to create or acquire a business, but we realized we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  Without a doubt there are tons of business opportunities right under our noses, but we know the fastest way to learning about them is finding the experts in the right fields to learn the specifics about them.

Instead of trying to interview business owners on our own, we wanted to take other entrepreneurs for the experience with hopes of enabling others to chase their entrepreneurship dream.  And thus, the Business Shorts Podcast was born.  

Follow us in our journey to discover the business that is right for us.  You may just find a business that is right for you too.


Henry and Sebastian both have Mechanical Engineering degrees from reputable schools, and MBAs from equally reputable schools.  Although Henry is from Georgia, and Sebastian from Illinois, the same passion for business keeps them moving in the same direction… oh and passion for fantasy football too.