Episode 3: Photobooths with Soren Coughlin-Glaser


The Business Shorts Podcast welcomes our guest of honor, Soren Coughlin-Glaser, from Portland Oregon, who decided to enter the photo booth rental business after pivoting from the wedding photography business.  The wedding business is big money, and all the services that feed weddings (think photobooth, catering, rentals, music, lighting, chocolate fountains…) are ripe for entrepreneurs.  However, Soren found that photobooths are used in many more industries than just weddings and he has turned this into a successful business.  Soren’s photobooth rental business currently operates 4 photobooths, and has even started a second business that teaches people how to start their own photo booth business themselves.

Episode Highlights

  • How much it takes to get started (it is less than you think!)
  • What makes a photo booth operator successful in crowded markets
  • Best way to market and advertise a photo booth business
  • Unique ways to differentiate a photo booth business
  • Top Advice: Focus on marketing. The business is not complex, so the best marketers succeed.
  • Top Resource: Hubspot.com – inbound marketing and sales/CRM software

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