Episode 7: Self Storage Investing with Alia Ott

Today we are joined by Alia Ott, an investor out of the West Coast, in a real estate niche we at the Business Shorts Podcast have always been curious about – self storage.  Alia is really passionate about teaching others how to invest and work towards financial freedom, and her company, Investors In Action, has been able to guide a lot of people investing in this niche.  It’s time to learn more about this unique niche in the real investing world.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What makes self storage units so attractive
  • Typical cap rates currently found in the self storage industry
  • What types of down payments you may expect for self storage facilities
  • In what cases banks will offer financing
  • Best places to search for high potential self storage units
  • Biggest risks in the business
  • Why pricing your units correctly is extremely important
  • Best advice: Get educated! Learn as much as you can to give yourself an advantage.
  • Best resource: selfstorage.org; insideselfstorage.com

Find more about Alia and her business at her website.

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