Episode 8: Plant Nurseries with Mike McGroarty

If you are big into gardening, you may have heard the name Mike McGroarty – a charismatic guy who seems to know everything about plants.  Well the man (the legend!) himself joined us on this episode as our very special guest.  Mike has been working with plants for pretty much his entire career, and he has created an online community for people that are interested in selling plants for profit.  Mike is convinced that you don’t have to have a “green thumb” to learn how to grow plants and he says there is still hope even if you are unable to even keep a plastic plant alive.  Margins on plants are actually pretty good, and it takes practically nothing to get started.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Types of plants that sell well and what time of year to sell them
  • Typical cycle times for profitable plants
  • What equipment you need to start
  • How almost everyone can afford to start planting seeds
  • How big Mike’s plant selling operation is
  • How to ship plants in the mail
  • Planting seeds vs. cuttings vs. stems
  • Mike’s personal plant pick to get started
  • Best advice: Get educated and commit! Posting on social media will create instant accountability.
  • Best resource: Backyard Cash Machine or Small Plants Big Profits by Mike McGroarty

Interested in trying to plant a few plants? Check out Mike’s website.


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